Magidrasa – chapter twenty-one

Onwards they went, guided by the sun, towards the city of Hah’shalaban. Korosh grew sore from the saddle. Tarik was ahead, always scouting out their way forward.   As they rode, Anoush didn’t stir. She seemed barely alive. He’d checked the pulse in her neck to be certain. Birds multiplied around them. They tumbled out … Continue reading Magidrasa – chapter twenty-one

The Egg Thief – chapter twenty

The Gift of Troll Song Grey remembered Brin only briefly before he was bitten by the wyrmling and slipped into a long dark dreaming. The boy in black shadows had snuck aboard their ship, stowed away, and came out of hiding only when threatened. The fellow egg thief was on the same trail and now … Continue reading The Egg Thief – chapter twenty

Short story: The Light Inside my Killing Jar

I was struck at first by the beauty of the necropolis. Plush royal purple hung from the walls in drapes, others adorned in tapestry, bright stiches brilliant in the half light. There were only candles, no lanterns, and their dancing naked flames.   I’d arrived on my fifth birthday, as Mother had promised since I was old enough to understand a promise. I’d taken my … Continue reading Short story: The Light Inside my Killing Jar